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Annual Visitors: 8 Million
Coverage Area: Ocean City, Worcester County

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Market Overview

Ocean City, MD is the East Coast’s favorite family vacation destination. Ocean City is located in Maryland’s Worcester County, and features 9 miles of free, clean beaches and world famous Boardwalk. Coastal Highway, Ocean City’s main strip, supports hotels, motels, shopping centers, amusements, water parks, miniature golf, restaurants, nightlife and condominiums. Boardwalk, which spans from the inlet to 27th street on the Southern tip of Ocean City, is the main shopping district and entertainment area of the town.

Each year, 8 million people visit Ocean City, with approximately 6 million visiting between the months of April and October.

Ocean City Transit Bus Advertising

During the months of May through September, buses are on the road twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Bus ridership totals for April through October were over 2.5 Million. The fleet is currently has 47 buses that take advertisements. Within a 24-hour period, each bus is typically deployed for an 8-hour shift. To meet customer demand, there are approximately 65 scheduled deployments per day. Therefore, several buses are utilized beyond 8 hours, but only after being properly serviced. During the off-season, buses with advertising are rotated and put on the road on a limited basis.

Ocean City Transit buses provide advertisers with the most effective, cost-effective and proven medium to reach people in Ocean City where they live, work and play! Bus advertising offers multiple media formats, from full bus wraps to interior signage, delivering your message effectively, on budget and within your timeframe – ensuring a successful campaign. Additionally, bus advertising cannot be turned off. It cannot be skipped over, fast-forwarded, avoided or ignored and is a perfect medium to provide continuous exposure throughout the market.

In addition to the buses, Boardwalk Trams offer service from May through September, traveling daily from the Inlet to 27th Street and making stops at most any locations along the route to pick up or discharge passengers. Boardwalk Backlit Tram Tops are highly visible to Ocean City’s visitors and provide direct, eye-level coverage of the Boardwalk.

Coverage Highlights:
Coastal Highway, Ocean City Boardwalk, Ocean City Beaches, Shopping

Media Formats Available
Full Wraps, Kongs, Headliners, Supertails, Large Interior Displays, Boardwalk Backlit Tram Tops

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